Crafton Hills Rad Tech Student Thrives in Partnership with Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

With demand in health-focused positions rising, students studying Radiologic Technology are on a clear path to success. Take Bryan Johns — a prime example of a Crafton Hills College grad who is putting his skills to the test while working in the program at nearby Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.

“My experience in the Radiology Technology program has been one characterized by constant learning, growth, and professional development,” the proud CHC alum says.

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center partners with Crafton Hills and takes in about eight students every year to train at the facility. These technicians are vital in the healthcare industry, from helping prepare and take X-rays for patients in offices, hospitals, and even mobile units.

“From day one in the program, I was immersed in a continuous learning environment being exposed to a variety of X-ray exams performed on a diverse population of hospital patients,” Johns continues.

“I grew both as a student, going from knowing very little about X-rays and radiography to becoming a proficient Radiologic Technologist and, as a person, caring for and showing empathy to a multitude of patients in varying stages of illness and injury.

“The patient care aspect of the program gave me a new and different perspective on helping people, having a direct impact on the physical and emotional wellbeing in their lives.”

The hands-on experience at the medical center is invaluable, giving students a clear vision of what their careers could look like in the field. Students like Johns in the 22 ½-month Rad Tech program are getting the chance to practice essential skills on the job, network with other professionals, learn the flow of a typical work environment, and add valuable experience to their resumes.

“On a daily basis … we were taught the intricacies of patient positioning and detailed anatomy as it relates to radiography, as well as the principles of radiation protection and radiographic physics,” Johns explains.

Johns lists off other skills learned in the program, which include determining and using appropriate radiation exposure factors to achieve optimal radiographic imaging, calibrating and maintaining

equipment, communicating and showing compassion with patients, performing and assisting licensed practitioners in procedures, and accurately performing administrative tasks, to name a few.

“Students finish the program being clinically competent, being able to critically think and problem solve, and can communicate effectively with co-workers and patients,” says Dr. Jennifer Bringhurst, Director of the Radiologic Technology program at Crafton Hills College.

The partnership between Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and Crafton Hills College was a natural fit. Since the licensing organization changed its educational requirements in 2015, students now need an associate degree to sit for their boards.

“Because of this educational requirement, the partnership with Crafton Hills Community College came about,” Dr. Bringhurst says. “The students take courses through Crafton Hills Community College at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and receive the associate degree after, through the partnership.

“Without the two working together, students would only be able to learn half the necessary information.”

The program is nationally accredited through the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT). The accreditation assures high quality of education and sets standards to ensure integrity in the education of students. By learning material in the classroom for their boards at Crafton Hills and applying the hands-on skills with patients at Arrowhead Regional, students gain a well-rounded experience for a successful career in the field.

“The program has set me up for a successful career as a Radiologic Technologist with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in the fields of Radiography, Fluoroscopy, and Computer Tomography,” Johns says.

The CHC alum recently passed his national board examination for computed tomography (CT) and plans to transition to a position as a CT Technologist at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.

“As a CT Tech at ARMC, I am fortunate to have access to cross-train in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and I will be working towards obtaining national certification in MRI within the next year,” Johns says.

With a thorough medical foundation from CHC, Johns says his true passion aligns with patient care. He plans to ultimately become a physician’s assistant.

“I feel that my medical imaging background experience will put me in an advantageous position to achieve this goal.”


Learn more about the Rad Tech program at CHC and ARMC by visiting their program page.