Nursing Degree Leads to High-Flying Career for 2008 Graduate

Lena Servin said she “always had a strong internal drive to be of service to others.” 

“I knew whatever career I chose would have to fulfill that drive while still being challenging, engaging, and ever-changing,” the 2008 Nursing graduate said. “Nursing definitely satisfies all of those requirements.” 

Little did she know her nursing career would land her a high-flying job as a flight nurse aboard a helicopter for REACH Air Medical Services, where she has worked for six years in Murrieta. 

“I certainly had not envisioned practicing in the air!” the Temecula resident said. “Sometimes I still wonder how it all comes together.”

Servin began working in the healthcare system when she was 18 and worked in about every department at Rancho Springs Medical Center over 24 years. During that time, she raised three children and attended MSJC. 

“My education at MSJC helped me tremendously with my nursing career,” she said. “I felt as well prepared as I could possibly be when I entered into the field. My clinical instructors were all so different and from a vast background. That gave me a good foundation for my learning and hands-on experience.” 

Thanks to that education and her hard work, Servin can continue to soar to great heights. 

“Being a flight nurse is definitely a calling and not for everyone,” she said. “We are a weird breed of nurses who crave adrenaline-jolting experiences and a high degree of autonomy.” 

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