Student Career Success

Meet Emmanuel Rodriguez-Leon

by Jane Bark, Job Developer

Emmanuel Rodriquez-Leon (pictured here) is a native of the Coachella Valley and a first-generation college student. While attending school full-time at College of the Desert, Emmanuel decided to seek employment and used the network of resources available on campus. He took advantage of the Career and Workforce Solutions Center resume workshops, did comprehensive employment research, and used his counselor as a resource.  While Emmanuel continued his search, he enrolled and fulfilled the required coursework to gain employment in the field in which he was interested.  Emmanuel completed First Aid and Safety, as well as a course from the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services to eventually earn his Guard Card.  Once the process was completed, Emmanuel emerged as a top candidate and was hired by The Madison Country Club in the Palm Springs area.

On campus, Emmanuel has worked virtually at the College of the Desert Student Welcome Center, fielding calls and assisting other students as they navigate their way towards a successful college career. He was able to earn college credits through the college’s work experience program and has gained valuable and marketable skills.

Emmanuel will complete his degree this Summer and has plans to transfer to California State-Fullerton in Fall, 2021, to pursue his study of Kinesiology. We wish him great success and hope his story can inspire his peers.